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Bankruptcy can enable consumers to get a fresh start. Declaring bankruptcy can be a solution to help people regain their financial health and get back on track. Our clients depend on Erin Brignola, lead attorney in Cooper Levenson’s Consumer Bankruptcy practice, to guide them through the difficult decisions that are necessary when debt becomes overwhelming.

We believe that each case is unique and that the solution should be constructed to meet your personal financial needs and goals. We can advise you if you are facing foreclosure or harassing calls from creditors. Whether your financial difficulties are a result of medical bills, job loss, divorce or separation, declaring bankruptcy may be an option.

    Types of consumer bankruptcy:

  • Chapter 7 releases a consumer from most debts. There are exceptions, such as taxes, student loans, domestic support obligations, etc. Chapter 7 is appropriate when there is minimal secured debt and the client does not plan to keep assets, although consumers can sometimes keep certain real or personal property, such as a home or a car, if arrangements can be made with the creditor.
  • Chapter 13 provides to the consumer a reorganization of debt through payments to creditors over time. Chapter 13 is used when a reorganization of debt is needed to restructure payments for a home, car, etc. and to pay, over time, those payments that were missed.

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